Fractured Fables

Fractured Fables - Jim Valentino, Kristen Koerner Simon

Fractured Fables has taken many of our favorite fairy tales and fables, crammed them together inside this collection, and given each story a comedic twist.  What makes this even better to me is that the stories are told in comic book style, and are written and illustrated by several well-known comic book writers.  Each story has its own style of writing, and each has its own style of illustrations.  This book is geared more towards the older students, 6th grade and up.  I would actually use this book when the class is studying creative writing and even art.  This book would be a great for introducing students to new writing formats, such as comic books and graphic novels.  The changes to familiar stories would aid in modeling to students how to think of familiar ideas in different ways.  I would have small group students analyze a few of the different stories and discuss the different styles of writing.  I would also include the differences in the artists' styles on the illustrations.